Leaders in Hospitality dedicated to serving Your Association

Welcome to SRK Residential Communities, where we are committed to providing bringing the highest level of Hospitality to the residents of the communities we serve and the Board Members that run them. So often we hear from homeowners and others that work within this industry that management companies lack the most basic level of customer service. At SRK we distinguish ourselves by putting a premium on personal service by responding quickly and professionally to the needs of the individuals and properties we manage. This balance is possible because hospitality is not just a slogan at SRK Residential Communities but a way of life.

To accomplish this level of service we employ a hands-on, best practices approach to Community Management that we’ve personally developed over the past 30+ years. Using our years of experience, the latest in technology, and the highest hospitality standards that are employed throughout our area.

Being a Board Member is hard work. We know this first hand because we have served as board members ourselves. Our guidance for you comes from personal and professional experience.

Our service matrix is built off business principles and then adapted to an HOA environment. This approach has produced exciting results for the communities that have selected us as their association management partner.

In addition to our amazing service, we will work to build a custom service plan around the specific needs of your community. We believe you will see the difference immediately and, like many other communities, you will be glad you chose us as your partner!