Please review the below Estoppel Request options. If you have any questions about which Estoppel to request please contact us.

Standard Request for Disclosure 10-Day turnaround – $250.00
(Requestor must provide no less than 10-days for completion prior to the scheduled closing date) This fee applies to update an expired request and must be the same buyer:

Expedited Request for Disclosure (3 Business Day Turnaround): – Add $100.00

Delinquent Account Request (Account has a balance currently owed) Must be paid again for expired requests – Add $150.00

Rapid Express Request for Disclosure (1 Business Day Turnaround): – Add $700.00 (Please note that this option does not meet the required obligation of a real estate transaction whereas disclosure is required to be presented to the buyer no less than 3 business days prior to closing. We will not be liable for the cancelation of a sale based on the timeframe of this request if it is delivered to the buyer in less than 3 business days.)
Failure for the title company to obtain an estoppel request within the Statutory Timeframe of 10 days or the inability
To request an Expedited Request allowing for the completion within 3 business days is not capped by Florida House
Bill (HB 483/SB 398)

*If a STANDARD REQUEST (10-day turnaround) is selected, and there are less than 10 business days prior to the closing date for us to complete the request, our office will contact you to inform the requestor of the additional fees for a Rapid Express request.

CONDO OR HOA P.U.D. QUESTIONNAIRE These are not an Estoppel and therefore are not covered under Florida House Bill (HB 483/SB 398). We will not process any request for a Questionnaire unless an Estoppel Request accompanies it or there is already an Estoppel that has been provided that has not yet expired.

Add $475.00 Condo of HOA P.U.D Questionnaire Completed Along with an Estoppel *Will not complete this
unless it is in conjunction with an Estoppel Request, or if an Estoppel has already been requested, and not yet expired